Update August 19 Teddy is blossoming into a content health 11 year old.  It is very comforting to see this little guy happy and on his way to better health
teddy as spent his 11 year old life living on the Street.  His owner has lived a life of homelessness and poverty.  We have wanted Teddy to have a stable home and medical care for awhile, he was last seen literally living out of a suitcase …. actually in a suitcase.
Can you help with Teddy’s medical care?  He is now on a good diet for his allergies and also to get some weight off.  He has scrounged on French fires and garbage.  He has allergies and because of lack of medical intervention he was not treated. Consequently  he has severe ear infections requiring on going treatment. He will require life long treatment for his eyes.
Teddy deserves to spend his retirement years in safety and comfort. Can you help with his care, please help us support Teddy.

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July 19, 2017