Donations and Fundraisers

Salmon Arm Fundraiser

A Big Thank you to the Pet Value in Salmon Arm for their support for OSDR! The dedicated volunteers and the support of the store have made it possible in raising $1400.00! We are proud to have such wonderful volunteers. Thanks for all your support.


Thank you for helping Jake!!!

 Thank you everyone for your donations, concern and blessings for Jake. Jake was discharged from the Vet clinic on Tuesday this week. Jake has been at the clinic for rehabilitation for all but one week since his ACL surgery, he ended up with a fracture so required hospitalization and another surgery. The funds raised for Jake came to $5,774.33 and vet costs for Jake came to $5,922.68. We Thank Okanagan Veterinarian Hospital and Panorama Vet Hospital for their generous donation in helping Jake to get back on all 4 legs!



The Okanagan Small Dog Rescue runs the rescue out of volunteer homes and often wallets; donations are gratefully accepted. Charitable receipts are given for donations over $20. Please also consider donating to our charity in your Estate planning. Donations “IN MEMORY OF” are gratefully accepted, and of course we issue a tax receipt and a card of thanks to the family.

Please know that we are truly grateful for every dollar you give