The Okanagan Small Dog Rescue takes in dogs all around the Okanagan, deals  with their medical and behavioural needs then place them in foster care while looking for good forever homes. We are a no kill shelter. We believe that no dog shall die for lack of medical care.

The Okanagan (Central) Small Dog Rescue is %100 volunteer run and donation funded. All donations to the rescue go towards the care of our dogs.

Medical Costs for the Rescue:

Please note that all donations to the rescue go towards the dog, not toward salaries or buildings. The monthly bills for our dogs is quite high and we rely on our donations to be able to look after the dogs that come into our rescue.

Most dogs that come into our care need some type of medical care ranging from dental care to surgeries.

Rescue & Fostering:

This care (fostering) often consists of one or many of the following:

  • Most dogs are needing a place to stay surrounded by love and security until we find a new home.
  • Usually the situation of their past owner has changed, and the dog is healthy and happy
  • Obedience training
  • Dogs often require dental work, vaccines, and a spay or neuter – as fosters we ensure that the Vet appointments are kept.

Why do We do What We do?

Our mandate as foster parents is to give these little ones a place to rehabilitate, feel absolute security, love and acceptance, and then to find appropriate homes. We benefit as we earn their trust and love, and see them blossom.


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